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Help Khalid Qureshi’s campaign bring about meaningful change. Vote Khalid Qureshi for MP Durham.

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Khalid Qureshi's blend of professional expertise and community dedication makes him a unique and valuable asset to our political landscape.

Durham demands a leader who is intimately connected with its community and has the foresight to spearhead technological and infrastructural evolution. With his comprehensive IT expertise and innovative engineering background, Khalid Qureshi brings a vision for a connected and dynamic Durham.

As a philanthropist leading the Qureshi International Fund, he pairs his tech-savvy approach with a heart for community service, promising a future where progress and compassion go hand in hand.

  • Education: Holds a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering and a Master’s in Structural Engineering.

  • Global Experience: Extensive international career, contributing significantly to civil and structural engineering projects, including hydro earthen dams, major highways, highrise buildings, and university infrastructure.

  • Innovations in IT: Developed critical banking software and infrastructure communication networks, pioneering intelligent building systems.

  • Literary Contributions: A prolific writer and publisher with 38 books in various languages, enriching cultural and educational landscapes.

  • Philanthropic Leadership: Founder of The Qureshi International Fund, a charity committed for decades to supporting the underprivileged in diverse areas, reflecting a deep commitment to social welfare.



to learn more about the electoral process.

Centrist Party Platform

  • Economic Prosperity: Balanced fiscal policy for growth.
  • National Unity: Fostering unity, rejecting extremism.
  • Natural Resources: Responsible development with environmental care.
  • Social Issues: Pragmatic solutions over partisan extremes.
  • International Policy: Diplomacy, fairness, and global cooperation.

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Join Our Campaign for Change!

We’re looking for passionate individuals to help drive a movement that champions economic prosperity, national unity, responsible resource development, and balanced international policies. Whether you’re an engineer, IT enthusiast, book lover, or someone who believes in making a difference, we need you!

Why Volunteer?

  • Make an Impact: Be part of a campaign that truly values every voice and seeks to bring about real change in our community.
  • Learn and Grow: Gain valuable experience in political campaigning, develop new skills, and expand your network.
  • Support a Cause You Believe In: Help promote a platform that focuses on pragmatic solutions and fosters unity.

Volunteer Roles Available:

  • Door-to-door canvassing
  • Phone banking
  • Event coordination
  • Digital outreach and content creation

No matter your background or experience level, if you share our vision for a balanced and prosperous future, we invite you to join us. Let’s work together to make a lasting impact!

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Help Khalid Qureshi’s campaign bring about meaningful change. We're on a mission for economic growth, unity, and sustainable development, but we can't do it without your support.

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  • Drive Impact: Your donation powers our outreach, helping us share our vision with more voters.
  • Support Unity: Contribute to a movement that values pragmatic solutions and inclusivity.

Your support is crucial. Together, we can create a brighter, more united future.

Thank you for believing in our vision.

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